• Got a car of your own, but rarely use it?
  • Do you feel like you are unnecessarily spending on its maintenance when you hardly ever use it? 

Then you no longer need to worry about it. You can now attach your vehicle to a car rental business like ours and earn a steady monthly income instead of leaving them idle in the garage.


Midtown Travel Studio is a T-Permit car attachment and car rent service in Mumbai. We’ve been in this business long enough to understand our customer’s needs and our organization has a long-standing dedication to provide secure and pleasurable rides to our clients. We ensure that each vehicle has the right coverage and is maintained and serviced periodically.


Even if you are thinking about starting a business from home then Midtown travel studio is the right place to be, we let you start your own small business by putting your car for rent in Mumbai in call centers, corporates, even at airport service and many more.

We offer customized package programs you can find it here. (link to package page) Our package enables you to make a reliable monthly income off your idle car by attaching your car to our monthly car rental service.

Don't waitStart your business today!

Renting a car for a month can be the first-rate solution when you have long-term travel plans. If you select from our long time car rentals packages, you can keep a variety of money. Our long-term car rental solution gives you the flexibility, you need a car for one month or you need to hire a car for a long time, you could make a reserving earlier, online, or directly with our team. 

As a car attachment company, we aim to provide a fully equipped car for hire at a relatively less cost alongside the utmost performance and a steady income to our clients for their car attachment. We endeavor to continuously improve the services we provide. 

 In case you are searching out comfortable traveling and exploration trip in Mumbai then our car rental service is the best choice for you.

Our cars range from Compact, Sedan, SUV to luxury we provide for your every need, and you also get to choose the parameters you attach on like the time-period and drivers who handle your vehicle. You could give the car on hire to foundations, organizations, corporates, and premium hotels. 

The basic criteria for your car are stated below:

The basic criteria for your car are stated below:

  • The condition of the car should be good and optimal. Later purchases than 2017 are not accepted for car attachment services.
  • The car needs to have a T-Permit document.
  • Any paper which is expired needs to be renewed right away.
  • Cars need to be attached for a minimum of 12 hrs daily shift and you can have them for weekends if needed.

As a car rental and attachment company, we aim to provide a world-class automobile for lease to travelers at an affordable price along with utmost efficiency and luxury.

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